Spectrum Industrial supports local food banks with Social Distancing Signage

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The Visual Group, which design, manufacture and install branded company signage of supporting their local community, having used their position as a manufacturer of branded company signage to support a local food bank with social distancing signs. 

As social distancing becomes top of everyone’s mind during this pandemic, the group has seen how larger retailers are rolling out social distancing signage schemes, but for charities who are still providing vital goods and services, such as Doncaster Foodbank; who are serving the community to provide much-needed food packages, they don’t have the funds available to them.

As part of their Community at Heart charity scheme, the Visual Group has donated social distancing signage to the Doncaster Foodbank. One of the problems that the foodbank faced, was that they do not have their premises and they organised the food parcels for the public from the Doncaster Christ Church, meaning they could not install a permanent in place.

Visual Group manufactured one of their pavement A Board menu signs, which featured Social Distancing advice to stay 2m apart, per government advice. This provided a portable sign, something easy for the volunteers to take around and position where they needed it.

The Doncaster Foodbank team, which were delighted with the signage, has now allowed them to inform those visiting the foodbank to follow this advice to keep both themselves and volunteers safe as can be.

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