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Every business wants their workplace to look good, but when it comes to decorating offices, you probably think about paint colours, furniture and layouts, and signage never crosses your mind.

Gallups Workplace Engagement Study 2020 highlighted that 85% of employees felt unengaged at work. Happy employees are 12% more productive and companies with happy employees outperform competition by 20%!

Most business owners never think about the power of signage within office interiors, but it is an area that can enhance the environment. So how can you use signage within your office interior to reflect your brand message, make your business look professional and motivate employees.

There are so many ways that wall graphics can improve the environment, they give your workplace character, represent your business.
You can use artwork to centre around your brand, your workers, your culture, your history, the only limitation on design options are your imagination

#1: Reception Areas

Signage is the easiest way to make a good first impression, when people enter your building a strong sign with your business name and logo looks professional and put’s customers minds at ease that they are in the right place and are dealing with an established company.
Wall graphics featuring your companies vision and values reinforces the company image and reminds employees about the ethos of the company they work for. You can also make your reception aesthetically pleasing with wall graphics featuring attractive advertisements.
Demonstrating you are a forward thinking company with an engaged workforce can make all the difference.

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#2: Motivate Employees

Wall graphics are an easy and effective way to brighten up a space and have been proven to boost workplace productivity and happiness, doing much more than just advertising your company name.
People respond to visual stimulation, so use graphics and colour schemes to set a tone in the workplace and use colour psychology to boost productivity and happiness
Greens, blues and natural designs are used to create calming environments and improve efficiency and focus. For those offices that don’t have access to natural elements, wall graphics with this scenery can be an effective choice.
Yellow is used to promote optimism and is believed to trigger innovation and designs are often used in work environments with designers, writers, developers and other creative professionals.

#3: Promote Company Culture

Wall graphics are a great way to define your business culture, ensuring employees focus on the company mission and endorses a positive environment to visitors. They are also an easy and effective way to promote your brand throughout your business, from reception, office, meeting rooms, breakout areas ensuring visitors leave remembering who you are.

#4: Brighten Up Communal areas

Askern House Wall Vinyl Graphics

Brighten up break rooms with inspiring graphics or relaxing imagery to help employees de-stress.
Corridors are often overlooked, install creative graphics along corridor walls to create a positive environment for employees and stand out in the memories of customers.
Wall graphics in meeting rooms can have a dramatic impact, creating design themes that are in line with your meeting room name, featuring motivational words or designs that are important to your company, can mean the difference between a productive and inspiring meeting or one that is forgotten once left the building.

#4: Assist with Recruitment

As companies compete for talent wall graphics promote a professional, modern and inspiring work environment as well as showcasing your company culture, all things which impress future recruits making them want to work for your business, than a business with a dull, drab and sterile office.
Full colour wall graphics offer the perfect opportunity to add imagination and creativity to a formal office space.

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